Thursday, October 20, 2011

Creepy Behaviour

Today I talked to my (Temp) Boss about creepy behaviour.

On Tuesday a rather pretty lady came for an interview. She was dressed really well and was lovely to talk to as well. During the course of her interview, no less than 6 of my male coworkers thought it was okay to come and gawk at her. Seriously. She appeared keen to have the job, so my boss was shocked and surprised when she called yesterday to say she'd found something else.

He said it again today, so I decided to enlighten him. She got stared and ogled at by 6 random men who she'd never met before, who shouldn't have been in the interview anyway.

It was a bit creepy.

It was a bit creepy to me, and I only watched it happen. One of the guys went up to the closed door and complained because the door was closed so he couldn't look at her :/

For a company that prides itself on zero tolerance with regards to harassment, that was really really inappropriate. It was so inappropriate that I wouldn't be surprised if the lady in question only pretended she'd taken another job, because she didn't feel comfortable saying that she'd changed her mind because of this.

I made it clear to my boss that if they'd done that to me or one of the other ladies who currently work there, he would have had me (or them) in his office next thing to complain.

Why is this considered okay?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moderating myself

Sometimes I will write a post, and then sit on it. The previous post was apparently written in January, I only just got around to posting it.

My other blog has two posts written that I haven't posted yet. I'm not sure what I want to review for my first post and the ones I've written are a wee bit snarky, so I worry that someone who decides to read my blog will be rude about it.

I've been seeing a lot of posts About the treatment of women in politics, and also The way that Muslims are treated in the media, especially Muslim Women. I would recommend to not read the comments in the second unless you want to be either angry, or to count how many people did not actually read the article before starting to respond. It is a great illustration of the author's point.

So as a result I censor myself. I try and think objectively how my words can be read. I realise that through my own doing, I have a very small irregular reader base, but it's been illustrated quite well by others that it only takes a moment to go from that to many many people suddenly seeing your work. I'd rather not have anything overly inflammatory if I can help it on my blog.

Still, where can I draw the line? After a while, you stop saying what you're intending to say, if you're too afraid of the theoretical consequences to say it.

Two sides

I've never really found it difficult to reconcile the (mind the sarcasm) "normal Australian Girl" me and Chinese me. Because they are one and the same. I am an Australian and also I am half Chinese. One of my favourite dishes is Chicken Rice (in fact, I ate it today at Tak Chee). I grew up celebrating a number of different things including Chinese New Year and Moon Festival. A lot of things I do without thinking. Like all the superstitious things; not western superstitions, if I believed in those I'd still have bad luck because I've broken that many mirrors it's not funny. But things like not sweeping on the first day of Chinese New Year (because you'll sweep all your luck away. Not wearing black to weddings. Or on my birthday (because wearing black on these occasions is like ill wishing). We have a little mirror hanging outside the house to reflect all the bad luck away as we are at the end of the street (and also I think to trap any bad spirits). I used to have to think about it when I was younger, but now I just do them. And those are only the things I can think of!

And on the other side from all that, is the part of me that likes to eat pies, and anything with potato, and is loud and outspoken, and can't speak Cantonese yet and has a ridiculous amount of shoes.

It's not hard to mix the two because all of it, the superstition, the outspokenness, everything, is me. Some people talk of feeling out of place. To be honest, I feel as much at home in Singapore or Malaysia as I do in Australia. Okay, so Singapore makes me think I really should learn Mandarin, if only so I can understand all the people who assume I must speak it there, but other than that, I am comfortable. I blend in. There are a lot of Eurasians in these places (especially Singapore), and once I've been there a day or two I just fit.

I have experienced racism, people who are rude towards me because I'm Chinese. Or because they don't believe I am. People who are just rude, asking me "what" I am. However as I've got older I've come to the conclusion that people will always be rude. And the most I can do (other than informing them that I don't approve of their behaviour) is ignore them. And carry on being fabulous :D!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not spending money.

On Sunday I'm going to the markets with B. As I am currently budgeting, I am allowing myself to spend no more than $30, $10 of which is to be spent on food.

Will see how I go with this exercise in will power. Also, if possible, I want my $20 to be spent on stuff for my crafting. Surely they have beading stuff at the markets.

Markets are a big weakness for me, especially craft markets, which this is not. (That exercise of will power is next month)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dear fellow Drivers,

Yes, I know that today we had (as they keep reminding us) the first rain we've had in 60 odd days.

Wet roads are slippery, most of us were driving a little slower than we normally would to allow for this.

So why did you feel the need to engage your suicidal tendencies and drive unsafely and/or speed whilst the rain was pouring down? Have you forgotten how to drive in rain? Do you always drive like an idiot?

These are not rhetorical questions, please take more care. I at least want to arrive safely at my destination.



Is This Really Better?

Let's talk about supermarkets.

I don't particularly like shopping at Woolworths or Coles. I do so for convenience, and for things I can't buy easily anywhere else (like milk, juice and cleaning products).

For meat, for bread, for my fresh groceries, I go to the butcher, the baker and my local grocer.

Although supermarkets are sometimes cheaper, they aren't necessarily better. I don't get the same level of customer service when I go to Woolies or Coles (although some are certainly better than others), my fresh groceries are often better quality (and sometimes cheaper!) at my grocer.

I have issues with the fluorescent lighting in big supermarkets. There are often so many people, and they are massive and sometimes I can't find what I want.

My favourite grocer is a bit of a hike for me, a half hour away. But when I go, I know that it all will be fresh and well priced, I can buy my chinese veggies there (for much less than the big supermarkets and much nicer), and also tofu and other chinese or asian products that are still treated as "unusual" by supermarkets. My favourite butcher is the better part of an hour away, but the quality is so much better, and so delicious. And no fat! Going all the way into Northbridge to go to the Chinese Butcher when we've got people coming over or even just for ourselves is perfect.

I've been watching a program called "Turn Back Time: The High Street". Tonight they were in the 70's, and a smaller more personal store was forced to close when their larger rival was allowed to slash prices by 20%. And people were surprised and sorry, even though it was their own buying behaviour that killed the business. In fact they blamed the other larger store much before they blamed themselves, even though they were the ones that chose where to spend their money.

I suppose all you can say is, shop wherever you like on whatever you like, but be aware of the consequences of your actions.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm Sorry, What?

Yesterday I spent a while getting my hair done. Which was great, my hair now looks fabulous. During this time I read three magazines, and in all of these magazines I came across a fairly irritating thing.

Why is it, that any (somewhat attractive) woman, confidently walking down a beach in a bikini is "flaunting" her body? Could it possibly be that she DOESN'T CARE about what you think, and is just going about her business in the same way she would if she was wearing some comfy trousers and a cute t-shirt (ie, owning the look?)?

flaunt |flônt; flänt|
verb [ trans. ]
display (something) ostentatiously, esp. in order to provoke envy or admiration or to show defiance : newly rich consumers eager to flaunt their prosperity.
• ( flaunt oneself) dress or behave in a sexually provocative way.

Because you know, heaven forbid a woman feel confident about what she's wearing without trying to be sexually provocative.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I've given up

I've given up on watching Question Time with the Politicians. Even the bits we get to see during the news make my head hurt. Do they have to shout at each other all the time??? Can't they all at least pretend to be grown ups?

And these are the people who get to decide what we do as a country.

On the other hand, I just watched Q&A, and the way that everyone handled the conversation and behaved themselves staggered me. It's like *swoon* competent and coherent conversation about important topics.

Also, the live tweets are hilarious.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stolen House

Yesterday, whilst on ABC Online, I noticed an article titled Dude Where's My House?. It was a brief article about a landlord going to collect rent (in Malaysia) and finding the house was missing. There wasn't a lot of information, so I went (as you do) to The Star Online.

Landlord homes in on 'missing' house. Same basic story, but in addition, there was a picture of it, and more backstory. Basically, in early February three men arrived at the two story wooden house, removed all the furniture, dismantled it, and took everything away. All that is left is the 24 concrete pillars that used to hold it. The neighbours didn't suspect anything was strange about this so didn't challenge the men as they carried out their task.

:P Only in Malaysia :D Read the Star Article, it's quite good.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy IWD

Happy International Women's Day!

I didn't do anything special, just went to work, although I did tell several of my coworkers that that is what today was. :D I'm a bit surprised that they didn't already know :/

It's the 100th Anniversary of IWD this year, work is supporting at least one event.

"International Women's Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women's Day is a national holiday." -- Taken from the International Women's Day website.

I may update with linkage or a full blog post later this week.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear Kim Hames, Health Minister

Dear Kim Hames, Health Minister

I was really sad this week to hear that you are going to sign a 3 million dollar contract with Serco for the new Fiona Stanley Health Campus. Actually, I was even sadder that the only way I found out was because the union of the people you're going to displace by hiring private contractors, chose to demonstrate by blocking traffic in St Georges Terrace earlier this week. Whilst I disagree with the method, I agree with the sentiment. Why do you think it is a good idea to privatize the services in a Public Hospital?

Also, why does the opening date keep moving for the hospital? It was being discussed in 2006 by the previous government, you promised to start work on it in 2008... and here we are in 2011, and all that is done is the land is picked out. It's supposed to open in (what is now) 2014. I heard Doctors have been hired, but they have nowhere to work yet.

Please get on with it.



I've noticed a worrying trend

I love ebooks. I love the convenience, I love that they are usually a little cheaper than paperbacks (being that no trees are harmed in the production of an ebook). I really love that I can have a craving for reading some fluffy romance or stuff with cowboys in it at 2am and not have to wait for the bookstores to open the next morning to get some.

However, not everyone wants me (or you, or anyone) to buy their ebooks like good citizens of the interwebs.*

I bought my first ebooks in 2009, at HarperCollins (au and us) ebook websites. Buying directly from the publisher, getting additional epilogues from the authors I wanted to read was really awesome. I also belonged to a website called CyberRead.

About eight months ago, I got an email from CyberRead. There was something strange going on in the Publishing industry, and they'd lost the ability to sell some of their titles. Then three months later, they started sending reminders to back up my ebooks. Just before Christmas, I had two emails from Harper Collins ebooks. Despite it's popularity, HarperCollins had decided to close all their ebook websites. If you wanted to redownload, you had to do it before December 19. I forgot my one ebook on the US website, but when I remembered on December 21, it was too late. The site had been removed.

More emails have been received from CyberRead in the past few months about backing up my ebooks. Last week, I got the email I had been expecting and dreading. To back up or redownload all my ebooks NOW because CyberRead was closing sometime in the next week due to "unprecendented changes in the ebook industry". A few days ago I got another email telling me I had 24 hours to finish backing up or redownloading my ebooks as after that I would no longer be able to access their website.

I worry about this happening, because the Publishing Industry seems to be moving towards only large companies selling their ebooks. What if I don't want to buy my ebooks from the companies I buy paperbacks from? Even though they save a lot on ebooks not being physical objects, sometimes it still costs the same price for me to buy it. It's really worrying to me that two websites (one an actual publisher!) have had to shut down their ebook operations so suddenly.

I just hope that in six months or a year, when I want to buy an ebook, it won't suddenly cost more than the paper copy.

* (Also, srsly, buy your ebooks. Don't download them for free over torrent. For one thing, it's like buying a stripped book - bad and it costs people money. Like the author? That person who writes it gets nothing from you downloading it for free. The other thing is people can put nasties in your stuff you get from limewire or torrent, and then whoops, your computer is infected with viruses (which macs can't get) or spyware (that everyone can get) so yeah, don't do it.)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Never Be A...

Every time I have turned on a radio or tv today, I have been treated to Tony Abbott SHOUTING about how the Government has lied, said there would never be a carbon tax and now they are introducing one, oh how can the Australian Public ever trust them again, etc.

May I (and everyone else in the entirety of Australia) remind Mr Abbott that A little over ten years ago, we were promised that GST would never become part of Liberal Party policy?

Two days of childish Question Time where absolutely nothing got accomplished because you kept harping on about the carbon tax and saying everything would go up, without apparently doing any research or providing a viable alternative. I'm not saying it's all your fault for doing this, but you certainly didn't help.

What a remarkable and admired country we would be if our Politicians would actually manage to work together on important things. Yes, like Climate Change. And Asylum Seekers.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Swan Valley Cafe

I just had delicious, delicious food at Swan Valley Cafe and Tea Specialists for Dinner. Everything was delicious, but I personally ate the shared entree of amazing dips (cashew and capsicum, spinach, and hummus and carrot) An AMAZING Sheperdess pie, perfect amount of potato to mushroom and other vegetable ratio. And then a really really good summer apple pie that I really wanted to try. The portion sizes are decent (and because I wanted two lots of PIE I have leftovers from both for later noms) I recommend this :D It's GF and Vegan friendly (Go here for awesome food). Also, the prices are reasonable. 1 large dips platter + 4 mains + 2 desserts and 3 fresh juices and 1 bottled juice for $120.

I am so amazingly full. :D

Swan Valley Cafe - 990 Great Northern Hwy, Millendon WA 6056.
08 9296 6320

Also they sell some great tea and plants and other things.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I can see her!

Life has been pretty intense and busy this month. Chinese New Year is going well. I start a new job tomorrow.

If you need a laugh, I recommend this video.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two weeks

Tomorrow is Australia Day. "What are you doing for Australia Day?" everyone has been asking. At the supermarket, Australian flags abound and in the meat section, that annoying lamb man (I refuse to write his name) has his signs plastered everywhere about how Australian it is to eat Lamb on Australia day.

I love my country, and I appreciate the day of work but I don't agree with Australia Day. This is a day that commemorates the day that Australia was entered by the English who declared it empty, despite the people living here. Because of course, they did not count people of colour as people (the original survey only had flora and fauna).


So what I am doing tomorrow is cleaning. I'm not having a party; are you kidding? Chinese New Year is next week! We're going shopping for supplies and then I'm tackling my room and my bathroom. I might even fit in a vacuum! Okay, maybe the vacuum will happen this weekend.

Chinese New Year will involve many people coming to our house, having to clean frantically after the ones on CNYE leave (I hope they realise that we're kicking them out at 11pm this year, no repeats of frantically vacuuming and mopping the house at 11:40pm like last year)

It involves special food, beautiful decorations, family, avoiding wearing the colour black. It also involves not cleaning on the first day (technically it's sweeping) as you don't want to sweep away all your good luck. Oranges, love letters, the white biscuits with the red eyes. The loud chatter of the crowd of friends, the music playing in the background.

CNY is a full sensory experience. It has always been one of my favourite holidays. I might not get a public holiday for it (although I usually take the day off work) but it means a lot to me.

Also! I hope to catch at least one Lion Dance. Last year one of my favourite restaurants Tak Chee had two wind their way through the close confines of the shop. So in addition to excellent food, we got entertainment! Yes!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Blogs I've Been Reading (When I'm Supposed To Be Writing)

I'm struggling with a post at the moment. Probably I'm going to have to wait a week before I look at it again. Who knows, it might not even get revised before I post it. I have however been reading a number of blogs and tumblrs.

The Hairpin: Awesomeness. A general interest blog with an emphasis on women and feminism. Also, hilarity. I exercised yesterday, followed by about four hours of laughing that gave me sore abs today. Just so you know :P

Reasoning with Vampires: One person's attempt to make the Twilight books more palatable :D Her comments are so funny. So are the comments of the people who wish to be offended by her endeavour.

Hoyden About Town: I spend a lot of time here. It's a good space in order to talk about stuff. The links that get posted every few days are also excellent, as they are often things that I find interesting, but would never find myself.

Muslims Wearing Things: Because some people say all Muslims totally dress the same. Actually no, this tumblr reminds people that not all Muslims dress alike.

And yeah, I blogstalk this woman, for no reason other than she is hilarious. Also, she has a very cute baby.

Oh! And Colour Me Katie which I purely visit for all the pretty Photos. It is the Blog of Katie Sokoler who is very interesting and is a freelance photographer (and actress and very creative person).


Yesterday I saw a rather racist video from the 1994 Barbie Party where they went to "Australia", and there was an American with a terrible Australian accent wearing what most people probably think of as Steve Irwin clothes and an cork hat, and all the other actors were dancing in bikinis and boardshorts at the "beach". It was awful and painful, and I wish I hadn't watched it. But that was 1994. Supposedly people didn't know much about racism, because Australia (and all other countries that were once racist) lost all their racism years ago, with the abolishment of the very terrible policies. Also, all dancing beach bunnies were fair skinned wiht light hair.