Sunday, August 22, 2010

An addition to Captain Pla-Knit

For the past few weeks since I noticed the striped stockings on the little girl statue near work, I was thinking it might be nice to go put a scarf on the Mum's neck. As you can see, someone beat me to it last week :D <3

Friday, August 20, 2010


And he's changed his mind so many times! Yes, we want an ETS... NO we don't.
Yes Work Choices was an excellent thing... NO it's dead and buried.

If we get Tony Abbott as PM, I think it will be really scary.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On Saturday we get to vote.

The Election is on Saturday. I recommend reading this Infograph to dispel misinformation. Read it all the way through.

I got the latest information from my local federal government representative today (Liberal). I read it, the messages sounded good, it was filled with smiling people who looked happy.

One problem; I read it, I looked at all the pictures and... there was not one person who looked like me. Everyone was white. There were no aboriginals (or people with dark skin), there were no asians. There weren't even any eurasians (and of course there are lots of us). But of course there weren't! I can't explain the lack of indigenous Australians (other than an over-sight), but of course they can't have asians, they've been harping on about "keeping out the boats" for months! Guess what the faces of the "boat people" look like?

To be honest, it doesn't make me feel comfortable at all when I hear any of the political parties trying to get people on-side by bagging boat people. Because when I was a child in the 80's, and people were more overt with their racism, I used to get told to "go home". Which is a bit difficult as Australia has always been home to me. What with being born here and everything.

Way to make a girl feel alienated in her own country.

Make your vote count on Saturday.

The results of Bullying.

Earlier this month a boy took a loaded gun to school (in Esperence) in response to being bullied. He was suspended, arrested, and police initially refused to release him on bail. He's being prosecuted, it's possible that he won't be allowed to return to school (which he might not want to do either), and it also will probably make it harder for him to change schools.

He was wrong, violence is never the answer, and this shouldn't have happened, but;

Here's a question; Why aren't we hearing about what is happening to the kids who bullied him so badly that he felt the need to bring a weapon to school to defend himself?

A lot of children are bullied, some quite severely. And speaking from experience, often the response of authority figures (including teachers) is quite often very lacking. Personally, after three years of being bullied by a boy from my Primary School, when he tried it in High School, he got whacked with Here Be Dragons (roughly a thousand pages). It was a paperback though. I'm not cruel, I didn't use the hardcover. When I took my issues (in Primary School) to my teacher, I got no help. When I went to his teacher, I was told she would turn a blind eye if I chose to retaliate.

The really annoying thing is, had I gone to our Principal, when it first started in year 5, it would have been sorted. Or if I'd told my Mum (my Mum is very awesome), I know she would have done everything to help me. But for reasons unknown, I didn't, and just took it until explosion point (I'm a bottler, I know I'm a bottler. But as I've got older, I know it's important to say what I really mean. I've learned how to say this in a tactful way, for work, but still, you need to stand up for yourself in a positive way.)

I suppose my point is; to kids who are bullied: Go talk to an authority figure you trust, who can stand up for you and be your advocate. Kids are incredibly cruel; whether because you have red hair, you happen to be a minority in your school (like I was), or just because. And to adults: It is not cool to turn a blind eye to a child who is being bullied. Kids who are bullied can turn into bullies themselves, can do things like the above story, or they could you know get help from you and sort their problems out.

Bullying is wrong.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm really tired of

I'm really tired of people who come into the shop, and feel the need to ask me "Where are you from";

And I say "Australia".

Then they say "No where are you really from?" (Like I just lied to them)

And I raise an eyebrow and say "I'm from Australia".

And then the smart ones apologise as they realise how rude the question was. The dumb ones keep asking.

The really rude ones say "What are you?"

I'm not a what, I'm a who, and I already told you my name.

I think I'm kind of tired of this. I never got these questions when I was in Administration.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Further to last driving post.

Excitingly, as of Saturday, I am no longer a P Plate Driver! Yaaaaaay!

That is all.

ps. I firmly believe that now I no longer have the dreaded P's on my car, people will cease to try and kill themselves with (on) my car. Will advise if this is true after some testing. :P