Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is This Really Better?

Let's talk about supermarkets.

I don't particularly like shopping at Woolworths or Coles. I do so for convenience, and for things I can't buy easily anywhere else (like milk, juice and cleaning products).

For meat, for bread, for my fresh groceries, I go to the butcher, the baker and my local grocer.

Although supermarkets are sometimes cheaper, they aren't necessarily better. I don't get the same level of customer service when I go to Woolies or Coles (although some are certainly better than others), my fresh groceries are often better quality (and sometimes cheaper!) at my grocer.

I have issues with the fluorescent lighting in big supermarkets. There are often so many people, and they are massive and sometimes I can't find what I want.

My favourite grocer is a bit of a hike for me, a half hour away. But when I go, I know that it all will be fresh and well priced, I can buy my chinese veggies there (for much less than the big supermarkets and much nicer), and also tofu and other chinese or asian products that are still treated as "unusual" by supermarkets. My favourite butcher is the better part of an hour away, but the quality is so much better, and so delicious. And no fat! Going all the way into Northbridge to go to the Chinese Butcher when we've got people coming over or even just for ourselves is perfect.

I've been watching a program called "Turn Back Time: The High Street". Tonight they were in the 70's, and a smaller more personal store was forced to close when their larger rival was allowed to slash prices by 20%. And people were surprised and sorry, even though it was their own buying behaviour that killed the business. In fact they blamed the other larger store much before they blamed themselves, even though they were the ones that chose where to spend their money.

I suppose all you can say is, shop wherever you like on whatever you like, but be aware of the consequences of your actions.

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