Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stolen House

Yesterday, whilst on ABC Online, I noticed an article titled Dude Where's My House?. It was a brief article about a landlord going to collect rent (in Malaysia) and finding the house was missing. There wasn't a lot of information, so I went (as you do) to The Star Online.

Landlord homes in on 'missing' house. Same basic story, but in addition, there was a picture of it, and more backstory. Basically, in early February three men arrived at the two story wooden house, removed all the furniture, dismantled it, and took everything away. All that is left is the 24 concrete pillars that used to hold it. The neighbours didn't suspect anything was strange about this so didn't challenge the men as they carried out their task.

:P Only in Malaysia :D Read the Star Article, it's quite good.

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