Thursday, September 16, 2010

Open Letter to Oprah re her visit to Australia.

Dear Oprah.

All week I have been hearing about your Visit To Australia.

Well, your visit to Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, anyway. I understand why you aren't coming to Western Australia, which is of course one of the three other states (including Tasmania and South Australia) you aren't visiting. I mean, Perth is after all the most remote capital city in the world (and imo the prettiest, and probably the cleanest but anyway), but why aren't you going to Tasmania? It's not that far by plane from Victoria, and is supposed to be incredibly beautiful.

I was kind of bothered when I heard a soundbyte on the radio that you wanted to stay at a Real Aussie Family's house. It may surprise you, but "real" Aussies are in fact everywhere. Probably even in Chicago. Also, what constitutes a "real" aussie?

One other thing. You are (one of) the richest women in the world. And yet you can't even pay for your own trip?

I think I actually like you less now.



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