Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am not your

I am not your Lovey, your Darling, your Sweetheart. It's especially inappropriate for you to call me such things in front of your wife and child, and I didn't appreciate it.

When you come into my shop - the one I'm assistant-manager of, attempt to muscle in on my personal space, call me pet names the whole time, and ooze creepiness in my general direction, I will be crossing my arms, failing to smile, and standing as far away from you as possible.

And yes, my female co-worker noted your disturbing behaviour. I only wish I'd managed to tell you how unacceptable it was. Blah. Oh well, next time I will do so. Because I work there, and you have no right to make me feel uncomfortable in my own workplace, and I honestly felt harassed.

(ps. Gentle Old man who sometimes come into the shop calls me a pet name? It's okay. He's of a different generation, and I don't get "the vibe" off him. He talks to all "young" people the same way. Man who is approximately ten years older than me does it? creepy x 10.)

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  1. Ah, in hindsight there is always something you could have told somebody. Oh well, you'll know for next time! :(