Friday, September 17, 2010

Dear Kim Hames, Health Minister

Dear Kim Hames, Health Minister.

Wednesday was an appalling display of disorginisation. So many ambulances left outside, patients waiting to be admitted, putting lives at risk.

What was your solution? To add extra beds to Joondalup and Rockingham, and to force people with private health insurance, and the elderly to private hospitals.

I have private health cover. I can afford a private hospital if I need one, choose my own surgeon and get my surgery within a reasonable time. But what about the people that scrimp and save for their health cover, but can't afford everything else? What about them, Mr Hames?

Some people who are very wealthy, neglect to take out private health insurance. They go to public hospitals on the tax payers dime because of course, that is how they are wealthy. Not having to pay for things like this. Why aren't you insisting they take out Private Health cover, Mr Hames?

Also, may I remind you that your government has been in power for years now. It is your Government that said they would honor the commitment to build the Fiona Stanley Health Campus. It is kind of late to be laying the blame at the door of the previous goverment - the one who lost power two years ago in 2008. Please just get on with it.



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