Friday, October 1, 2010

Link Roundup

What an exhausting week! And there was only four days of it. This is what I've been reading recently. Because I've been reading this in downtime at work, it's just ABC at present - I've also been reading and commenting over at Hoyden About Town.

Several pieces at The Drum;

Clementine Ford writes stop blaming feminists for the world's problems in response to an article by Virgina Haussegger. Also, most of the issues outlined in Virgina Haussegger's article are in fact human rights issues, not just issues for feminists, or women.

Katrina Fox wrote an excellent post about the disturbing culture of rape being a women issue. As opposed to being the issue of men, it always seems to fall to women to be "safe"; to not get drunk in public, to never be overly promiscuous as it may invite unwanted attention, to always make sure they have a responsible friend to look after them in the event that they do "make themselves vulnerable".

And finally, Melinda Tankard Reist writes "Sexism is Alive and Well in Australia". It includes several links that made me rather cross, (including) did anyone else hear about the Gold Coast Turf Club plan to run women as "fillies and mares" on a race track later this year, in bikinis and runners? Talk about a set back for everyone - including the peanuts who came up with this idea. It is a very good article, even if the content involved is of the very angry-making kind.

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  1. They were taking about sexism on JJJ's Hack the other day. The main discussion point was women's lack of pay scale in comparison to men, and the lacking of female CEO's. It all seemed a bit one sided to me (christmas for feminists). I'm a woman, and one day i'd like to have children of my own, meaning i'd like to maybe leave work for a while, then work part time, then have a nice 9-5 and still spend time with my family. Because of this thought pattern, it never occured to me to have a driving force where i'll end up as a CEO. Lots of ladies are the same - wanting a family comes with responsibilities. Not to say that men shouldn't or wouldn't want to stay home and do the dad thing (many do)... but generally it's the mum's who do (not a bad thing, OR a good thing either ... just a thing). There are many high paid women out there, but professional and home lives come in many contexts. Happiness does too.