Monday, October 11, 2010

I hate to talk of this

I had an unpleasant encounter this morning at work.

An ex-coworker (and believe me, if he hadn't been an ex-coworker then, he would be now) came in and said something really really rude and threatening to me for me to pass on to another female coworker.

And I just. I don't escalate confrontations. I don't believe in doing that, but if he had been one iota less whatever he was, I would have told him how unacceptable his language and behaviour towards me was.

But I didn't say anything because he was right in my face, and I was really not okay with that.

And now I have a headache and feel really small.

ETA: He called and apologised. Which makes it better but still not okay.

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  1. Heya, I'm having a bad week too, because of mean people. Never mind... those people are mean because of whatever is going on for them, they'll be mean regardless of whether we end up feeling terrible, or just ignore them as the idiots that they are. That said, it is so much easier to get slip into a 'funk', than to ignore. Wish there was an easy fix :-)