Friday, October 8, 2010

Do you know what this weekend is?

It is (a) frustration weekend. It is a weekend where I will have to drive slowly down two of the main roads that lead to my house, because drunk people will randomly stagger (or run) across the road. Where I will be cut off by buses (and trailers, and god knows what else), and the speed limit will drop down from 70/80 to 20/30kmh. Causing a half hour car ride to turn into a possibly hour long trip.

This is the festival known as Spring in the Valley. Normally, it brings 60,000 visitors to "The Swan Valley" of which I am a resident. However, organisers in their wisdom decided for 2010 to make it a month long event. No consultation of residents, nothing.

Excellent for the local economy, very difficult for the people who have to live here.

So after this weekend, there will be next weekend. And the weekend after. And...

Is it November yet?

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