Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jennifer Rardin

Jennifer Rardin, author of the Jaz Parks series, died on September 20. :(. I only just found out when I visited her blog to find out if she'd posted anything recently about the next book. Her blog advises that next book and also the final book in the series were completed before she passed away, and will be released later. She was only 45 :/ My thoughts and prayers to her family, who must be going through a very tough time after she died so suddenly.

I love her books. I discovered them last year, and soon bought the whole series. The books are about Jaz Parks, she is assistant to Vayl, a vampire who was born in 1744 who is now an assassin for the CIA. Jaz is an excellent lead. She gets herself into trouble (and often gets herself out of it), and has a lot of witty snappy dialogue. It's a really gritty urban fantasy novel, and if you're looking for a new series that will suck you in, by all means, try it!! I'm always on the look out for excellent female leads, and this series really did tick all the boxes for me.

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