Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just one thing

Yesterday, when Tony Abbott was talking about cutting Billions from the Budget, I said he'd stop spending on; Infrastructure, Education and Health (not in that order).

And today we hear that the coalition wants to Axe the National Broadband Network Plan (Infrastructure), Cut More Infrastructure (frustratingly including all of the things we really wanted in WA), although admittedly, everyone is trying to win us over on Education. But you'll have to do more than that to win the votes, people. (Also, this statement 'Education spokesman Christopher Pyne said Labor's scheme had "obvious flaws".
"I have four (children), I have three that play the violin, two that do the piano and two with special needs," he said.
"You know that as a parent that you need help for a range of expenses."
What about the kids who can't afford violin, piano or oh, a laptop, you peanut and don't have the same facilities at home as their wealthier peers.)

Although regarding the Education pledges, it's like, W00T Congratulations, you say you'll cut all this spending, reduce our debt only to... increase our debt by making unrealistic pledges! Yay!

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