Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Media Barrage Surrounding the Prime Minister

This is a few days late ;) But I feel the need to comment.

So yeah, Julia Gillard is our new Prime Minister. :)

Although I'm not entirely happy with the way things played out, I am also not pleased (at all) by the guy that randomly called work yesterday and tried to engage me in a conversation about how pissed off he was that a WOMAN is leading the country. Yeah, dude get over yourself. Although I'm not happy with the way it went down, I AM happy with the result. I think Prime Minister Gillard will be awesome.

Steph @ 天高皇企鹅远 put together a post (with awesome pictures) that says it much better than I can.

Also, Dear West Australian (and other Media Sources). WTF is wrong with you? The anti-woman and anti-ALP sentiment that you now post in your "Agenda Letters" are frankly alarming (the poster that likened women to white-ants in all male institutions being a prime example); the fact that you no doubt played a role in the lack of confidence in Mr Rudd, yet now pretend to be shocked despite weeks and weeks of claiming Kevin Rudd would lose an election called tomorrow is really really frustrating.

Also, please stop being a hotbed of chauvinistic sentiment. It does not make me want to read your paper.

This Mysoginistic society really worries me at the best of times, right now I am CONCERNED.

But still I'm really hopeful for the future, and that my country doesn't work against itself.

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